Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pepsi is Smarter than Coke

I used to be a "Coke man". I drank Coca-Cola, and didn't like Pepsi. Now, since Pepsi has been on sale, and the rest of my family likes it, I have got used to Pepsi’s taste. When I drink Coca-Cola, I realize how its taste is more of a grey area. Coke leaves behind a residue. To me, Pepsi now has a strong flavor, and seems more liquid than Coke.

Plus, I’m beginning to get attached to Pepsi’s blue can, which seems odd. Before, when I drank Coca-Cola only, the red can meant a sort of strength. As Pepsi’s can is blue (really red, white, and blue), it makes me think Pepsi keeps a low profile. It’s as if Pepsi knows its goodness, and doesn't need all the hype. So I think Pepsi is smarter than Coke.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus - Who Are They?

Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus, et al, are young women who, by nature, need attention. Indeed, part of the reason they are actresses is their propensity to elicit attention, and hopefully, approval. Another reason Hudgens and Cyrus are able to entertain is their natural beauty.

Unfortunately, Hollywood has a history of exploiting young women. This becomes a 'double whammy' for beautiful young actresses. They enjoy the attention of others, but not for the purpose of 'sexploitation'. Yes, young actresses tend to dress suggestively, but that's a fashion trend of the times. As young actresses attempt to garner the love they subconsciously desire, through beauty and flirtation, Hollywood markets their provocative attributes as sexual innuendo.

People buy into the lust and adulterous thoughts Hollywood elicits through young actresses. Hudgens and Cyrus, although differing in personalities, share a pressure similar to that of prostitutes. This pressure to perform, at the expense of their morality, and thus the stress of shame, debase these young women. With their high salary, the girls are blackmailed into showing more of themselves for sex. No, it's not the actual act, but still, their mere appearance satiates desire in those who display, and desire, young girls like Hudgens or Cyrus.

If we can look beyond the audatious behavior of young actresses and debutantes, we might understand that these young women are victims. These girls need the loving attention they crave, not money, gifts, clothing, and idolization. Hudgens and Cyrus are people with minds, hearts, and spirits. I hope people get to know the real women inside young actresses. I also hope people see the reality of Hollywood's pimp mentality.