Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pepsi is Smarter than Coke

I used to be a "Coke man". I drank Coca-Cola, and didn't like Pepsi. Now, since Pepsi has been on sale, and the rest of my family likes it, I have got used to Pepsi’s taste. When I drink Coca-Cola, I realize how its taste is more of a grey area. Coke leaves behind a residue. To me, Pepsi now has a strong flavor, and seems more liquid than Coke.

Plus, I’m beginning to get attached to Pepsi’s blue can, which seems odd. Before, when I drank Coca-Cola only, the red can meant a sort of strength. As Pepsi’s can is blue (really red, white, and blue), it makes me think Pepsi keeps a low profile. It’s as if Pepsi knows its goodness, and doesn't need all the hype. So I think Pepsi is smarter than Coke.

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